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experimental theatre 

Duration: 60 minutes
Art and Tech:
Dramaturgy: Lorena Briscoe and Claudia Nagaro
Performers: Teodora Ionescu – Lorena Briscoe
Supportive advisor: Alain Pringels
Light designer: Eda Emirdag – Menso van Strien
Light and sound: Menso van Strien
Composer: Krists Auznieks and Stefano Sgarbi
Poster: Philip Gabriel
Video: Cachi Bratoz – Gato Chino
Concept and Direction: Lorena Briscoe


Panikós – physical and mental frontiers  (Inspired by Paul Virilo book’s and observation of everyday life)

The Panikós performance is based on study of the mental and physical frontiers that the state of panic has generated in modern society.

By analyzing social reactions to these new forms of panic, the work generates and explores an atmosphere in which human rights lose their force and the temptation to make concessions so as to ward off danger grows relentlessly.

What would you sacrifice to protect yourself?
This is the central question of the piece.

Sinopsis: Two people in a circular room talk about the best way to identify a terrorist, initiating a piece of theatre that asks where violence comes from and what the possible victims might or might not do to protect themselves. The torturer’s reasons, the victims’ last.” 

A measure of time


  • experimental theatre/ drama/monolog
  • performance that combine acting with video projections and live music

Teodora Ionescu : concept, directing, performer, visual artist (installation,costumes)

Jeroen Traanman : video art , light

Rikkert Achtereekte: music

Viorica Cernica &Vincent Nijhof: photos

A Measure of Time is an English speaking experimental theater play. The play searches the boundaries between classical/modern acting, music, sound art and multimedia, whereby the public play its part.The performance is based on idea developed by the French writer Jean Cocteau in his play “Le bell indifferent” and by Romanian writer Matei Visniec in his play “ Garbegebin man”. The whole performance is presented as a collage that contains four monologues. The main monologue, the woman’s story it is designed as a classical performance piece, no effects, no music, only the main character and the public. The “Woman story” includes the other monologues-stories that are introduces to the public by live projections and live music. During those moments the art of sound and video is combined with the art of physical theater, dance and acting.

Relation between couples and madness is used as a excuse to show a symptomatic form of isolation, alienation of a human. A daily drama but eternal about break up between lovers. It is a warning sign for the human relations, the metamorphosis of love that from the euphoric mood can lead to decadence.  The play is a succession of circumstances revealing man’s failure on all levels, from the political level leading to the most frightening discovery- that self loss.

In a society suffering by schizophrenia, suffering by the gap between intellect and feeling, between body and soul, a return to what is human is necessary. The performance is a contemporary drama: the lack of real communication. Nobody hears and listen to nobody, the modern society, hyper mechanized, destroyed what make us human, the ability to love and to communicate. We hit each other like we hit a wall, the echoes are returning to us,  it does not reach the others.

Nacht parade

directed :     Hildegard Draajer & Marjan Barlage
choreography :    Sassan Saghar Yagmai
photo : Anna van Kooij
location : Het Muziektheater Amsterdam
duration: 60 minutes

Dompel je onder in de mysterieuze wereld van de nacht! 

Het Muziektheater Amsterdam presenteert in samenwerking met DOX de voorstelling Nachtparade. Geïnspireerd door Duizend-en-een-nacht verkennen ruim tachtig amateurspelers en -dansers uit Amsterdam samen met tien (semi)professionals de tolerantie in de huidige maatschappij.In het sprookje Duizend-en-een-nacht laat een vrouw haar man (tegen al zijn vooroordelen in) ’s nachts kennismaken met vrije geesten en vreemdelingen waardoor er een wereld voor hem open gaat. Nachtparade giet dit gegeven in een nieuw jasje en neemt het publiek mee in de mysterieuze wereld van de nacht. Een voorstelling vol dromerige, absurde en pakkende momenten, met afwisselend dans, muziek, performances en persoonlijke verhalen. De deelnemers van Nachtparade voeren een ontregelende en ontroerende levensdans op.

Photo project

project Thijs Browers, Vincent Nijhof and Viorica Cernica


Me-side effect

technique: video/performance art( 10 minutes)

location : “ De Fabriek”, Eindhoven

within art project:   “ GEN-et(h)ic Games Generating side effects”

photos : Vincent Nijhof

Manifesto:                Belive in Science

                                         Do Tests

                              But Not in MY intestins

During the project “ GEN-et(h)ic Games Generating side effects” , “De Fabriek” was transformed in an ambiguous laboratory. The function of the De Fabriek was as a research space for art intersected with that of a (semi)scientific research.“ During the D.N.A.  influence of  the crops, biotechnology and biochemistry occur desired and undesired side effects .The debate about the food industry is currently in progress, with the  all possible ethical and economic questions and comments.The project contributes to the debate about scientific , technological developments and ethical issues; it provides information, but requires time for self-reflection.”