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Angel touch

technique: crayon, acryl on linden wood
size: 11cmx15cm


tehnique: crayon, acryl on linden wood, gold leaf( 23.75 karaat)
size: 25cmx21cm

Organic pulse ( sold )

tehnique: crayon, acryl on linden wood, gold leaf( 23.75 karaat)
size: 25cmx21cm

Inside Out (sold)

technique: acryl on linden wood, silver leaf
size: 30cmx21cm

Blind thoughts

tehnique: crayon/ink on paper white spray on plexiglass folie
size: 100cmx100cm


plexiglass- laser cut
size:59cm x 30cm


tehnique: acryl on wood, glasspaint on plexiglass,light
size: 250x180cm

  Through Metamorphoses I invite the viewer to meditation on the human existence. Each of the seven cases is an organic habitat, like a giant cocoon in which are developing other organisms, a real environment that protect and isolates, resulting in alienation and resignation of each element included. Live items are the subject of irreversible processes of decomposition, crystallization and dehumanization. The bottom of each work is dominated by the organic structure, structure/symbol( the smoke and the spider web). Smoke is purifying and the spider, as a symbol, means unconscious, laborious and shy, violent and regressive. The human figure is present in these spaces, closed and isolated, condemned to solitude and death. Feelings are expressed through the body gesture. I believe that there are three phases of human nature in solitude and transformation. The first one, the negation, the second one, resignation, the last one , purifying. I called my installation Metamorphoses- Lethe, because that involves all the change that means nature. Lethe means to bring forgetfulness. Lethe was in Greek mythology a goddess and personification of oblivion( forgetfulness). From her came also the name of one of the seven underworld rivers, that have the gift to make the dead persons to forgot the earthly life.

Memories from the womb


I think everyone remembers at least once in his existence, his mother…even the dead one’s. When it’s guiet or it rains  I remember…everything was like a sweer light, which I eat with the point of my fingers and with my whole skin. I was floating.I was flying. I eat then the light with the elbow or with the both knees. I was flying through the unlimited spaces with no boundaries.



No name

technique: acryl , crayon on linden wood


tehnique:  plexiglass laser cut
size: 9,5cm x 9,5cm x 9,5cm