“Rope”was created  during the project Wonderous Stories: from Xenophobia to Amazement.

(The project was born having in mind the complex and dynamic European context we live in today, as one of the most culturally fragmented and intense migration regions in the world (and when we say this, we have in mind  political and economic considerations, social aspects, cultural and historical ties between countries). In a constantly changing society, shaped by perceptions built by media or one-to-one interaction, one has a specific moment of decision: to be afraid or to be amazed).

 Concept:    Teodora Ionescu, Vasilis Dendrinos,  Vaiva Kovieraite 

performers:   Iliasse Mariozzo, Teodora Ionescu ,  Konstantina Michalopoulou,Despoina Kpshl

location :  PleinTheater Amsterdam 2012 

photos, video art : Greta Alice Liekytė and Vaiva Kovieraite